Everyone likes to have a few tricks up their sleeve, and a swimmer is no exception.  Beginners and athletes, children and adults, no matter what stage of life or level of experience, all swimmers can benefit from knowing a few super swimming tricks.


1) Supreme Underwater somersault



This is a fun trick as well as a useful skill for lap swimmers. Practice in water that isn’t above your head. Bend at the waist, propel yourself forward using your arms and legs to help you spin in a circle. Picture yourself rolling down a hill in a tire to get into the head space of your somersault. If you’re a lap swimmer you may want to incorporate this flip into your laps. Why? Because it’s fun!


2) Diving



Diving is one very cool swimming trick you should surely learn. When you dive, make certain no one in the way, that the water is deep enough and that you’re extending your arms above your head to protect yourself. To execute a clean, virtually splash-free dive takes a lot of practice and a lot of courage. Be prepared to do a few belly flops before you get it right. To practice, jump up, bend your body and aim the top of your head into the water. Your body should (hopefully, to avoid the belly flop) follow your head in a straight line into the


3) The Tricky Tumble Turn


For the swimmer doing laps, tumble turns make changing direction a more fluid maneuver without slowing you down. When you’re near the wall of the pool, do a somersault and twist onto your stomach before heading to the other side.


4) The Underwater Handstand



For kids, this trick is even cooler than somersaults.  Perform it in water that doesn’t go above your head when you stand. Propel your body downward, place your hands on the pool floor, and keep your body straight so your feet are sticking out of the water.


5) The Colossal Cannonball


Swimmers of all ages and skill levels can master this trick with ease. Just jump in the water while simultaneously tucking your knees into your stomach or chest. The goal is to make the biggest splash, and (maybe) soak the sunbathers.

Bagging a few swimming tricks makes pool time more fun, but it’s also important to stay safe. Use ear and nose plugs to keep from choking on water,, and be mindful of the hard surfaces.

Note* Always have a no diving or no cannonball rule when the pool is full to avoid any unforeseen casualty. For an amazing swimming experience visit Londa Hotels today.

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