Having a beautiful and memorable holiday experience they say, has to do with so much spending, so it gives you that sudden pause that its a no-no for you, forgetting the importance of a proper relaxation, keeping you away from your daily hustle and bustle.
What makes an holiday getaway perfect ain’t the amount of cash spent, infact in this kind of alarming economy, who would want to do too much, then cry out to be broke later? Vacations are re-freshening and help reboot cells in the body which is very beneficial to your health.
so, with that being said,let’s give you a few  tips on how you can experience best vacation of your life with a small budget;

1. Plan Your trip ahead

Planing your trip ahead puts you at the top of your vacation planning game, which builds excitement and enthusiasm . A great plan will surely yield to great result, so you would definitely first make a decision on your budget and a suitable location that sure matches your budget. Researching and asking lots of questions about your vacation destination, would help you know your target and the possibilities of saving lots of money on your journey…

Note* avoid planning a vacation above your budget it leads to nowhere, especially right here in Port-Harcourt Nigeria, where they say things are on the high side.

2. Pick your vacation dates in advance:

Early planning is always the key, so choosing a date in advance, sets the pace for a good traveling arrangement. lots of money can also saved in the process of getting hold of cheap return flights which is a perfect idea, just to be on the safe side.

3. Get a listed maximum budget:

While in the preparation process, having a maximum budget that will cover your traveling, accommodation, commuting, living expenses, meals and airport transfers is very essential and therefore, has to be estimated. It’s important to distribute these amount for each category while planning your holiday.

4. No Credit cards

Ever heard of envelope method? well its the best way to keep your budget on track. Imagine the temptations that comes with credit cards, that’s a path you sure don’t want to take. So Putting the budgeted money in each envelope for different category will work perfectly.5. Avoid shopping sprees

It’s a hard decision to make, but it definitely falls in your favor. Yes, you want to have something to remember (souvenir) for every city you visit, but be careful not to visit overpriced tourist sales centers, as they are expensive and could upset your budget.

6. Go for free sightseeing options

Walk around the city, checkout different parks, visit malls, do a couple of road trips and visit the beach (if possible), theses are all free. Once you decide your destination, check on the major activities at the place you can indulge in without an entry fee.

7. Stay in Guest houses and hostels

The goal here is to save money while having a wonderful vacation experience, to know more about the people, culture food etc. You can find guest houses, home stays, and hotels online that are cheaper than the big hotel chains. (Londa hotel) is perfect when visiting Port-Harcourt the Garden City, their rooms are extremely affordable, and I’m sure you would have a great time in their standard pool).

8. Prepare your meals

Cooking meals in another city could be fun and a great way to save some cash while doing so. Another way of saving cost on food is if your hotel or guest house provides complimentary breakfast, then it would be a better idea to take breakfast at the hotel before you start your day’s activities. Always remember not to get lost, silence wont do you any good, just ask locals about where to get the best budget friendly restaurant around the city.

You now have these 8 amazing budget saving tips all in your hands to avoid breaking the bank on your vacation. It’s time to make use of it and do have an awesome holiday experience.

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